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Winter breeze

1. I've had an evening saved by an ATLien, it's quite sedative for frazzled nerves.
2. It's an amazing how much we care for children who are the offsprings of documented Americans. My deepest condolences to the families of the CT school shooting. It's unfortunate national media doesn't view all children the same, as there is no mention of the latest drone attack victims, mainly women & children.
3. I played a game of chicken one evening, past dusk when fall was making mention of its arrival.
4. Bless the holes in the night til they bleed sunshine - Mos Def
5.  New Years cleanse is in order, haven't done one for the new year before but I like the notion of a clean(er) slate at the top of the year.
6. 300+ days since we last spoke & I'm still not sure what to say you. Don't know that there's anything to say, outside of the niceties that mark a "proper" upbringing.
7. Another friend had another daughter. Congratulations Rodney! May heave…

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